Technical details

With “Test” you can check whether your PC is configured to receive “Webradio Bavaria”. If you hear nothing, please read the following tips.

Internet access: “Webradio Bavaria” broadcasts with 128kbit/s in CD quality. In Order to receive our channel you need a broadband connection to the Internet (DSL, cable...).

Software: Current “Internet Explorer ” or “Firefox” browser. Our radio player uses Java. Receiving “Webradio Bavaria” is only possible if Java is installed and activated. Our player determines whether Java is available on your system and guides you through the installation procedure.

Pop-up: The window the radio player appears in is a pop-up. Therefore you must allow pop-ups in your browser in order to receive “Webradio Bavaria”.

Hardware: In order to be able to listen to “Webradio Bavaria” you need a PC with sound card and speakers. Minimum requirement: Pentium III processor 1Ghz (or compatible) with 256 MB Ram. The faster the computer and the larger the Ram, the better it is.